Online Lecture: Andy Otto, William Mee, The Santa Fe River in New Mexico History, New Mexico History Museum, July 8

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An Invitation from the Friends of History
New Mexico History Museum
Palace of the Governors
Online First Wednesday Lecture 

The Santa Fe River in New Mexico History
 Andy Otto 
Executive Director, Santa Fe Watershed Association

William Mee
Un-Official Mayor of Agua Fria

Wednesday, July 8, 2020
12:00-1:00 PM

 New Mexico History Museum 
Santa Fe River.  Jesse Nusbaum. 1912?. Palace of the Governors Photo Archives, New Mexico History Museum. Neg #061573



Drawing on extensive research and stories collected over the years on life along the Santa Fe River from early Spanish days to the present, Andy Otto, together with William Mee, will share their thoughts on the importance of the Santa Fe River in New Mexico history and the preservation of the Watershed in today's climate-change impacted environment. 

Andy Otto has been the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Watershed Association since 2014. He holds a degree in watershed management from the University of Arizona. His experience working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders—from city and county governments to tribes to individual property owners—has served him well in meeting the challenges to improve the health of the Santa Fe Watershed. 

William Mee is a long-time resident of the Santa Fe Watershed. Over the years, he has collected many stories of life along the Santa Fe River and its importance in New Mexico history.



Friends of History


A New Undertaking

Due to current stay-at-home orders,  the Friends of History has moved to an on-line presentation format until the New Mexico History Museum is able to reopen and host large gatherings. 

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