Center of the American West Summer Workshop in Applied History

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CU Boulder's Center of the American West will host an all expense paid three-week Summer Workshop that will provide an opportunity for participants to work with accomplished practitioners of Applied History. Here is your chance to take a deep dive into the “repurposing” and development of a range of practical skills, for free, in beautiful Boulder, CO.

Summer Workshop
in Applied History

June 1 - June 20, 2020

Become a leader in this exciting trend of expanding the opportunities to engage wider audiences in historical reflection!

with Patty Limerick


    Margaret Jacobs
    Chancellor's Professor of History at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)

    White Mother to a Dark Race: Settler Colonialism, Maternalism, and the Removal of Indigenous Children in the American West

    James Grossman
    Executive Director of the American Historical Association

    Land of Hope: Chicago, Black Southerners, and the Great Migration and A Chance to Make Good: African-Americans, 1900-1929

    Photo Credit: Marc Monaghan

    Applications are open to recent Ph.D. recipients and graduate students attending schools from both within Colorado and afar.

    Participants will receive:

      • All travel expenses paid,
      • Meals and incidentals,
      • Lodging in lovely Boulder, CO,
      • A $1200 stipend

    *Local participants will not receive any travel or lodging reimbursements.

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        Programs in Applied History
        with Patty Limerick

        The Center of the American West at the University of Colorado Boulder with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has implemented an Applied History training program tying historical understanding to real-world solutions for modern problems.

        Through a series of courses, projects, networking events and summer programs, graduate students, postdoctoral students and faculty will combine their historical knowledge with practical skills. Under the guidance of mentors, participants will craft responses to recurring issues in the West.