Tercentenary Conference - Three Hundred Years of Indian Woods, 1717-2017: North Carolina's Tuscarora Reservation

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Tercentenary Conference

Three Hundred Years of Indian Woods, 1717-2017: North Carolina's Tuscarora Reservation

Hope Plantation, Windsor, NC/USA

October 7-9, 2017


The organizers of Neyuheruke 300 and Beyond (Neyuheruke.org) and Hope Plantation, Windsor, N.C., have planned a three day conference and festival to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the creation of Tuscarora's Indian Reservation in North Carolina in 1717. The event coincides appropriately on 7-9 October 2017 during Indigenous People's (Columbus) Day weekend. Established by treaty between the Tuscarora Nation and the colonial government of North Carolina, the Indian Woods Reservation in Bertie County served as a land base for those Tuscarora who remained in North Carolina following the Tuscarora War of 1711-15.

Titled "Three Hundred Years of Indian Woods, 1717-2017" the conference features a wide range of scholarly, commemorative, and family activities over the three day holiday weekend. No place could be more suitable for the conference as Hope Plantation was the home of North Carolina's governor David Stone, who along with his father Zedekiah served as commissioners for the adjacent Tuscarora Indian Woods Reservation. The conference goal is to explore the history, archaeology, and cultural life of Indian Woods reservation from its creation in 1717 through 1804 when it was leased to the State of North Carolina; and with further memories of the reservation through the 20th and 21st centuries.

The conference also features an authentic "Three Sisters" garden planted with heirloom corn, beans, and squash seeds grown yearly and saved until today by Tuscarora farmers on their Tuscarora Reservation near Niagara Falls, NY. The garden will be harvested at the conference by visiting Tuscarora demonstrating the many uses of corn products and other native plants. Traditional Tuscarora crafts, arts, and music as well a "social" will enliven the conference. Throughout the festival, historic Hope Plantation will be open for tours and other activities.

While many of the activities of the conference are for the general public, registration is required to attend some lectures, meals, and tours. We are grateful to several sponsors who have donated time, services, and funds to support this program. For full program information and registration see Neyuheruke.org and/or HopePlantation.org or call Historic Hope at 252-794-3140.

For program content, conference engagement or sponsorship, and related matters, contact Dr. Larry E. Tise, Conference Organizer, Department of History, East Carolina University at tisel@ecu.edu.

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