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Spectacular 19th century map of North Carolina Discussion Jay Lester 08/04/2014 - 3:36pm
Learning Through Artists Archives Discussion Jason Tomberlin 07/28/2014 - 11:43am
Alternative Encounters: The Second World and the Global South, 1945-1991 Discussion Jason Tomberlin 07/25/2014 - 10:10am
CFP Panelists for SAWH conference 2015-- South women and memorial efforts Discussion Jason Tomberlin 07/25/2014 - 10:06am
Eleventh Annual Southeast Indian Studies Conference, Pembroke, North Carolina Discussion Jason Tomberlin 07/24/2014 - 5:02pm
Want to see a really weird map of NC? Discussion Jay Lester 07/24/2014 - 4:55pm
UNC job announcement Discussion Ansley Wegner 06/30/2014 - 11:20am
conference on the Underground Railroad Discussion Ansley Wegner 06/18/2014 - 11:06am
H-Net job announcements Discussion Ansley Wegner 06/09/2014 - 11:56am
Ulster American Heritage Symposium Discussion Richard MacMaster 06/02/2014 - 6:46pm
academic announcement 5/28 Discussion Ansley Wegner 05/28/2014 - 3:48pm
H-net job postings May 27 Discussion Ansley Wegner 05/27/2014 - 9:43am
academic announcement 5/21 Discussion Ansley Wegner 05/21/2014 - 10:44am
Job announcements from H-Net Discussion Ansley Wegner 05/19/2014 - 11:42am
"Moonshine battles" of 1912 + This Day in NC history Discussion Ansley Wegner 04/25/2014 - 10:37am
Award for outstanding paper on southern Quaker history Discussion Gwen Gosney Erickson 04/14/2014 - 7:02am
North Carolina Gazetteer is online through NCpedia Discussion Michelle Underhill 03/28/2014 - 10:44am
ANN: North Carolina Association of Historians Annual Meeting/Phi Alpha Theta Carolinas Regional Conference (Elizabeth City, 4-5 April 2014) Discussion Charles V. Reed 03/27/2014 - 10:08am
Re: Jonathan Price's circa 1809 survey of New Bern? Discussion Jay Lester 03/20/2014 - 2:49pm
Jonathan Price's circa 1809 survey of New Bern? Discussion Jay Lester 03/17/2014 - 3:09pm
Survey: for the NC Government & Heritage Library Discussion Michelle Underhill 03/14/2014 - 3:06pm
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Forts on Hornsby-Gutting, 'Black Manhood and Community Building in North Carolina, 1900-1930' Review System Administrator 08/21/2013 - 10:51pm
Frisby on Myers, 'Executing Daniel Bright: Race, Loyalty, and Guerrilla Violence in a Coastal Carolina Community, 1861-1865' Review System Administrator 08/14/2013 - 3:17pm