Fall 2019 Historic Preservation Workshops and Classes at MARCH

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Registration is open for most Fall 2019 continuing education courses and workshops in historic preservation (https://preservation.rutgers.edu/fall-2019-offerings/). This program is run by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities (MARCH) at Rutgers University-Camden in partnership with the New Jersey Historic Trust and attracts participants from throughout the region who work or volunteer at cultural heritage institutions of all shapes and sizes as well as those who have avocational interests in historic preservation, broadly defined. Register for one or more courses or workshops to acquire the tools you need to get history stuff done! No prerequisites. Everyone is welcome.
INTRODUCTION TO HISTORIC PRESERVATION WITH COREY KEGERISE (10 WEEKS, $275, starts Sept. 4) - Register here: https://ce-catalog.rutgers.edu/coursedisplay.cfm?schID=77427
What do we preserve, and how and why do we preserve it? What role can you play in this process? Get an overview of the history and philosophy of historic preservation in the region and beyond. Class meets at Rutgers in Camden.
TAKING CARE OF BUILDINGS: STEWARDSHIP FOR HISTORIC STRUCTURES WITH ANNABELLE RADCLIFFE-TRENNER, RA (Oct. 5, $85, including lunch) - Register here: https://ce-catalog.rutgers.edu/coursedisplay.cfm?schID=77440
How do you take care of historic buildings, and what policies and procedures should be in place to do that? Learn first-hand about maintaining and preserving historic structures, inside and out. Class meets in Trenton, NJ.
REGISTRATION OPTION A: If you plan to use a Rutgers PC that is already in the lab, register here. Limit 12: https://ce-catalog.rutgers.edu/coursedisplay.cfm?schID=77429 |
REGISTRATION OPTION B: If you plan to bring your own laptop, register here. Limit 8: https://ce-catalog.rutgers.edu/coursedisplay.cfm?schID=77486
Learn how to conduct historical research on the historic sites and houses where you work, volunteer, or live using free, digitized historic sources available online. Don't tell the same old stories!
COSTUMING YOUR HISTORIC SITE INTERPRETERS ON A BUDGET WITH KIMBERLY BOICE AND TYLER PUTMAN (Nov. 2 & 9, $65, includes lunch on day 1) - Register here: https://ce-catalog.rutgers.edu/coursedisplay.cfm?schID=77439
Get guidance on how to improve the historic authenticity and quality of what your site's costumed interpreters are wearing - on a budget! If your setting is authentic, you interpreters should be too! Class meets at Rutgers in Camden.
PRESERVING INTERIOR WOODWORK: DOORS, FLOORS, and TRIM (Dec. 7, $45) - Registration coming soon!
Have an old house or staff one that needs some work? Develop your understanding of interior woodwork components and finishes, why and how they deteriorate, and the tools and materials you can use to preserve and repair them. Meets at Ohio House in West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. Registration coming soon!
For the most up-to-date course info and to learn more about the certificate option: https://preservation.rutgers.edu/fall-2019-offerings/
Email: nicole.belolan@rutgers.edu
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