Pennhurst Documentary Available

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Director Jodie Alexandra Taylor brings you the feature documentary film Pennhurst, that explores the lives of former residents of Pennhurst, comparing how life was then in the institution verse how it is now in the community. 
Pennhurst is an example of what extremities humanity is capable of. The worst atrocities committed against human beings were prevalent in one of the largest institutions in the United States, and yet upon the resident's release into the community, when face with just a slither of humanity they choose to forgive freely, love generously and give back to their community. This valuable section of our society is epitome of human resilience and kindness. This landmark lawsuit enabled millions of Americans to have a right to fair treatment, a right to education and a the right to live in the community in inclusive settings. These rights are still being fought to be appropriately implemented across the country and are currently under threat in our political climate.

The feature documentary film Pennhurst is now available to educational institutions, please click this link to see the trailer:
Jodie Alexandra Taylor, director of The President Show and who was a part of the directing team for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, The Break with Michelle, directs and produces this feature length documentary that gives a voice to the former residents of Pennhurst, who's lives helped shape the landscape of civil right for those with disabilities. After working on this film independently for 15years, we are proud to now share it with the world and assist in igniting a national conversation on the subject matter. 
Educational licenses for the film are available now, via Passion River Films:
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Jodie Alexandra Taylor