Spring 2014 issue of Pennsylvania Legacies available

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The spring issue of Pennsylvania Legacies is now available, in print and online (http://hsp.org/publications/pennsylvania-legacies/organizing-pennsylvania-workers). This issue focuses on the topic of organized labor in Pennsylvania. Feature articles include:

Brian Greenberg, “Class Conflict and the Demise of the Artisan Order: The Cordwainers’ 1805 Strike and 1806 Conspiracy Trial”

Perry K. Blatz, “Industrial Citizenship and Industrial Unionism in Pennsylvania Steel, 1910-42”

Robert P. Wolensky, “Organizing Ladies’ Garment Workers in Northeastern Pennsylvania: Min Matheson and the ILGWU”

Francis Ryan, “Organizing the Keystone State: AFSCME and the Campaign for Commonwealth Workers in Pennsylvania”

The issue also includes a lesson plan on the Knights of Labor, a look at Philadelphia’s International Typographical Union, Local 2 through HSP’s collections on that organization, and a concluding Food for Thought essay on worker movements today by Dorothy Sue Cobble and Michael Merrill.

Legacies is a benefit of membership in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (http://hsp.org/become-a-member) and also available by subscription (http://hsp.org/shop/publications). Please contact the editor to purchase individual issues.

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