Introducing J. J. Ahern, H-Pennsylvania Editor and growing the content of the Network

Joseph-James Ahern's picture

Hello H-Pennsylvania Community,

As one of the new members of the editorial board, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and mention some of the interesting ideas I hope to cover as we take advantage of the new features the Commons give us.

My name is J. J. Ahern and I am an archivist at the University of Pennsylvania; prior to that I worked at the American Philosophical Society Library for eight years. As an historian, my main interests are in the realm of military and naval history particularly focusing on issues of technology, and policy. As an archivist I try to find new ways to increase access to collections for a broad based audience – whether that is through the use of technology, subject guides, or exhibits. My focus at H-Pennsylvania will be to focus on the developing the network as a research resource through the addition of bibliographies, links to research sites, and other forms of content. Though I don’t want to see this content be a static site, but the start of a conversation. As content is added I’ll send out a posting and hope to get you the subscribers to chime in – are there smaller repositories that did not make the list; has a new book been published that should be added to a bibliography; or is there a work from the turn of the century that is really worthy of note. The Commons really does go beyond the simple list posting we came to know H-Pennsylvania as; and can be a valuable resource to learn what is out there on the history and culture of the state.

I look forward to growing the content of this site in the coming years, and hope to hear from many of you as we progress.


J. J. Ahern