Celebrating H.G. Wells: Teaching His Literature in the 21st Century

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Call for Papers
September 29, 2017
Pennsylvania, United States
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Humanities, Literature, Teaching and Learning, Popular Culture Studies, Film and Film History

For 152 years, H.G. Wells has been part of our literary cannon in science fiction, criticism and utopian projections. Fiction writers have the latitude to focus on current issues of theri time, often in the guise of fictional places and/or unusual characters. H.F. Wells did exactly that in his science fiction as well as his fiction stories. Wells' vision of an "open conspiracy of intellectuals and willful people" to build Cosmopolis occurs regularly in most of his fiction, and appears prominently in his major prophetic writings before 1914: in Anticipations, in A Modern Utopa, and elsewhere (W.Warren Wagar 40-42). The focus of this roundtable is to discuss the techniques H.G. Wells utilized, to discuss the interface between Wells' literature and film adaptations, to assess the possible implications as seen in his literature as well as in the film adaptations, and to share pedagogical skills employed to reveal the genius of Wells.

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