CFP Ethnohistory--Panel on Law and Conflict in Early America

I am intersted in building a panel for Ethnohistory 2018 that investigates the multiplicty of law on the early American frontier, particularly between Euro-American and Native groups.  Possible areas of inquiry might include the intersecting and conflicting Euro-American and Native ideas of justice, theft, retributive and legitimate violence, conceptions of legal vs. illegal/civilized vs.

Call for Papers: Investigating Mid-Atlantic Plantations: Slavery, Economies, and Space


Stenton Museum, the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, the Program in Early American Economy and Society at the Library Company of Philadelphia, Cliveden of the National Trust, and the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania invite your participation in a two-and-a half-day conference exploring the creation and development of plantations in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century mid-Atlantic region. 


Call for Articles, Reviews, & Historiographical Essay Submissions: Essays in History

Essays in History (EiH), the annual peer-reviewed journal of the University of Virginia’s Corcoran Department of History, is currently soliciting articles, book reviews, and historiographical essays for its fifty-second issue, to appear in the fall of 2018.


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