Library Company of Philadelphia 2021 Innovation Award Call for Proposals

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The Library Company of Philadelphia is delighted to welcome applications for its 2021 Innovation Award. The Innovation Award will recognize a project-digital or analog-that critically and creatively expands the possibilities of humanistic scholarship.


Proposals will be evaluated by a committee of leaders in higher education, research libraries, and cultural heritage institutions who will consider how projects make scholarly work new again. That scholarly work might take the form of an article, chapter, academic monograph, scholarly edition, or other project, in either print or digital form. "Innovation" will be defined broadly, and may include refashioning scholarly work with new partners, for new audiences,  or into new forms.



The recipient of the Innovation Award will receive a $2,000 prize, a spotlight interview in our Talking in the Library podcast, and recognition at the 290th Annual Dinner of the Library Company of Philadelphia this fall.


We welcome proposals from applicants in all fields and at all career stages, including graduate students, junior and senior faculty, as well as independent scholars.


This award is made possible by the generosity of our founding sponsor Randall M. Miller, Ph.D.


Submissions are due by August 1, 2021.