Sep 26 Pauline Maier Early American History Seminar - Toward the Sistercentennial

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Toward the Sistercentennial: New Light on Women’s Participation in the American Revolution

Author: Woody Holton, University of South Carolina
Comment: Mary Bilder, Boston College Law

Thursday, 26 September
5:15 PM

Massachusetts Historical Society
1154 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02215

This essay offers new insight on some of the iconic stories of women’s involvement in the American Revolution. For example, it (1) documents disputes among the Patriot boycotters of 1769 and 1770 (male vs. female, enslaved vs. free, and northern vs. southern) and 2) describes the male-on-male conflicts that led to and resulted from Esther Reed’s famous Ladies Association of 1780.

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