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Hi all,

I am looking at "Plan of Boston showing existing ways and owners on December 25, 1635."  It does not show the William Hutchinson house.  I'm not at all sure why and so far I can't find out.   Maybe William Hutchinson was not an official landholder at that point, but I don't think that is true, especially since It shows Edward Hutchinson's house and Richard Hutchinson's house.   Can anyone give me some advice about it.  Here is the link to it:


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Hi all. Thank you for your help with my map question. John Morrison, Treasurer, the Partnership of Historic Bostons, Inc., provided me with what I see as the definitive answer. He was exceedingly helpful and I really appreciate all the work he did on this issue. With his permission, I am sharing what he found.

"The short answer is that the Lamb map was constructed from property listings in the Book of Possessions, which book was compiled circa 1648, but which does take into account property transfers before 1648. So, page 63 of the Book of Possessions does not identify the lot described on page 63 as the former property of Wm and Anne Hutchinson, only as the possession of Richard Hutchinson. That designation is carried forward to the 1635 Lamb map, even though Wm and Anne owned it till 1639.

So the attached piece of research summarizes my observations and explains something about the evolution of the Lamb maps from 1881 to 1903. "

I'm not sure how to attach documents here--or if I even can, so if you want a copy of it, I would be glad to send the full document to you privately.

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