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Query: Lewis and Clark brought back several gifts from Indian tribes. Some of these gifts entered TJ's collection at Monticello, and TJ describes these gifts in his own writings as diplomatic gifts. Of course, TJ received/accepted them while he was President. 

TJ also received a diplomatic (through the American consul in Russia: Levett Harris) from Emperor (Tsar) Alexander I. It was a bust of Alexander I. TJ also received and accepted this gift while President. 

I would like to know if anyone knows of any record indicating the TJ asked for congressional consent to keep any of these gifts OR if he received congressional consent to keep any of these gifts. I looked for a statute or resolution to this effect in the table of contents of States at Large, but I saw nothing. 

My query is for use in a future academic article, but the information might also be useful in an amicus brief in a matter currently before the courts.

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