CMRC Study day - Identity, Culture and Language in the Pre-Modern World (c. 500-1700): Interactions and Exchanges

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May 31, 2022
United Kingdom
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African History / Studies, British History / Studies, European History / Studies, Languages, Maritime History / Studies

Hosted by the Centre for medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Southampton, this study day responds to the emerging interest in global histories and questions of cross-cultural interaction and exchange that has energized the fields of Medieval and Early Modern studies in recent years. The study day brings together work across disciplines that explores the conditions, processes, and effects of cross-cultural and cross-linguistic contacts in the Medieval and Early Modern World. It also includes a round table on 'the challenge of languages' engaging with a range of scholars with different experiences, using medieval/ancient languages in different ways in their research to talk about these challenges.

The Study Day features a Keynote Lecture from Prof Verena Krebs (Ruhr-Universität, Bochum) and will conclude with the Reuter Lecture, which will be co-sponsored by the Parkes Institute and delivered by Prof. Irven M. Resnick (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga)

All are welcome, but registration for this event is required by 26 May at 12PM. The format of the study day is hybrid. This means that you have the option to attend this event in person- Avenue Campus, University of Southampton, Room 65/1175 - or online - or through Zoom (link provided a few days before the event).

Please note that you need to register separately for the Reuter lecture by following this link:


09:40-10:00 | Welcome with a coffee (LONDON TIME)

10:00-11:00 | Panel 1: Maritime connections and identity

Language, place and cultural Identity in text and image: the developing story of Sir Bevis of Hampton

Dr Cheryl Butler and Dr Lynn Forest-Hill (Southampton)

Who was William Fowler? Maritime Connections and the Sixteenth Century Slave Trade

Dr Craig Lambert (Southampton)

11:15–12:15 | Panel 2: Global cultural encounters

Encounter and imagination in travel reports of South-East Asia between the fourteenth and sixteenth Centuries

Dr Marianne O’Doherty (Southampton)

A Portuguese embassy at the royal court of Ethiopia: the travel account of Francisco Álvares (1520)

Ms. Mathilde Alain, PhD student (Warwick/Tours, France)

12:15–13:30 | Lunch Break

13:30–14:30 | Keynote lecture

Entangled Medieval Worlds — Latin Europe and the Christian Ethiopia in the 15th and early 16th centuries

Prof Verena Krebs (Bochum, Germany)

14.35–15.35 | Panel 3: Materiality, culture and identity

Part I |14.35-15.05

Musical Identities: Marguerite of Austria and Brussels, Royal Library Ms. 228

Ms. Colette Spaul, PhD Candidate (Southampton)

The Mark of the Man of the Sea: An analysis of Southampton’s Elizabethan merchant signatures

Dr Leanna Brinkley (Southampton)

Part II |15.10-15.40

Cross-cultural exchange and the medieval stones of memory

Dr Saša Čaval (Ljubljana, Slovenia/Stanford, USA)

12:15–13:30 | Coffee Break

16.00–17.30 | Round Table

Interactions and Exchanges in the medieval and early modern Past: the Challenge of Languages

  • Dr Alaric Hall (Leeds)
  • Prof Richard Ingham (Westminster)
  • Prof Verena Krebs (Bochum)
  • Dr Helen Spurling (Southampton)
  • Dr Lena Walgren-Smith (Southampton)
  • Chair: Dr Nick Karn (Southampton)

18:00–19:30 | Reuter Lecture

In partnership with the Parkes Institute:

A Wet-nurse Controversy: Jews, Christians, and later Medieval ‘Racism’

Prof Irven Resnick (Chattanooga, USA)

Chair: Prof Mark Spearing, Vice President, Research and Enterprise

Reminder: Registration for the Reuter lecture is separate:

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Dr Rémy Ambuhl, Associate Professor, University of Southampton

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