Palgrave Studies in Animals & Literature

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New book series: Palgrave Studies in Animals and Literature
by Susan McHugh

Palgrave Studies in Animals and Literature

At present, various academic disciplines can be found in the process of undergoing an ‘animal turn’. This series will publish work that looks, specifically, at the implications of this ‘animal turn’ for the field of Literary Studies. It will publish studies of the representation of animals in literary texts across the chronological range of Literary Studies from the Middle Ages to the present and with reference to the discipline’s key thematic concerns, genres and critical methods. This will be the first series to explore animal studies within the context of literary studies; together, the volumes (comprising monographs, edited collections of essays and some shorter studies in the Palgrave Pivot format) will constitute a uniquely rich and thorough scholarly resource on the involvement of animals in literature. The series will focus on literary prose and poetry, while also accommodating related discussion of the full range of materials and texts and contexts (from theatre and film to fine art, journalism, the law, popular writing, etc) with which Literary Studies now engages.

If you are interested in finding out more about Palgrave Studies in Animals and Literature, or in proposing a volume for the series, please contact the series editors or Palgrave editors below:

For inquiries about content, contact the SERIES EDITORS:
Susan McHugh, Professor and Chair of English at the University of New England, USA (
Robert McKay, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, UK (
John Miller, Lecturer in Nineteenth-Century Literature at the University of Sheffield, UK (

For publishing queries, contact the PALGRAVE MACMILLAN EDITORS:
Ben Doyle, Commissioning Editor, Literature (
Ryan Jenkins, Editorial Assistant, Literature (

Philip Armstrong, Co-Director of the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies and Associate Professor of English, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Erica Fudge, Professor of Renaissance Studies, University of Strathclyde, UK
David Herman, Professor of the Engaged Humanities, Durham University, UK
Kevin Hutchings, Canada Research Chair in Literature, Culture and Environmental Studies, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada
Carrie Rohman, Assistant Professor of English, Lafayette College, USA
Karl Steel, Assistant Professor of English, Brooklyn College, USA
Wendy Woodward, Professor of English, University of the Western Cape, South Africa