Routledge Critical Moments in American History

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Critical Moments in American History is a series of short, supplemental texts designed to familiarize undergraduate students with events or issues critical to the American experience. Through the use of narrative and primary documents, these books help instructors deconstruct an important moment in American history with the help of timelines, glossaries, text-boxes and side-bars, and a robust companion website.

Each book includes:

Word count: 80,000 words (including the documents, notes, and bibliography). The books should be 4-5 chapters long.

Primary documents: 5-10 for the documents section in the book, plus about the same number of additional documents for the companion website. These should include a variety of different types of document and perspectives. Documents will have brief introductory headnotes.

Images: Maximum of 5 in book (black and white), plus at least 8-10 for the companion website

Other text features: All books include a timeline at the beginning, and each chapter will include some boxed features (pop-ups of 1-2 sentences, and sidebars of 1-3 paragraphs).

Other website materials: In addition to documents and images, the companion websites also include links to online resources and video and/or audio as available.

The Series welcomes proposals for a variety of topics, but will give preference to the following:

AIDS Crisis, Bank War, Bonus Army, Dred-Scott Case, Election of 1960, Energy Crisis, Indian Removal, Iran Hostage Crisis, Kent State, Little Rock Nine, Lusitania, Marshall Plan, Murder of Joseph Smith, Newburg Conspiracy, Oklahoma City Bombing, Personal Computer, Prohibition, Publication of Feminine Mystique, Roe v. Wade, Sputnik – Missile Gap controversy, The Pill, Three Mile Island, Title IX, US vs Muhammad Ali, Woodstock, Wounded Knee (1890 and 1973)

Please contact Series Editor Dr. Bill Allison, Professor of History, Georgia Southern University at or Ms. Genevieve Aoki, Senior Editorial Assistant, Routledge, at, for a proposal template and/or more information. Information on current and forthcoming books in the series can be found at Prospective authors are strongly encouraged to explore the website before submitting a proposal.