Ashgate Series: Transculturalisms, 1400–1700

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Transculturalisms, 1400–1700

Series Editors:  Ann Rosalind Jones, Smith College; Jyotsna G. Singh, Michigan State University; & Mihoko Suzuki, University of Miami

This series will present studies of the early modern contacts and exchanges among the states, polities and entrepreneurial organizations of Europe; Asia, including the Levant and East India/Indies; Africa; and the Americas. Books will investigate travelers, merchants and cultural inventors, including explorers, mapmakers, artists and writers, as they operated in political, mercantile, sexual and linguistic economies. We encourage authors to reflect on their own methodologies in relation to issues and theories relevant to the study of transculturism/translation and transnationalism.  We are particularly interested in work on and from the perspective of the Asians, Africans, and Americans involved in these interactions, and on such topics as:

  • Material exchanges, including textiles, paper and printing, and technologies of knowledge
  • Movements of bodies: embassies, voyagers, piracy, enslavement
  • Travel writing: its purposes, practices, forms and effects on writing in other genres
  • Belief systems: religions, philosophies, sciences
  • Translations: verbal, artistic, philosophical
  • Forms of transnational violence and its representations

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