Midwestern-focused Theses and Dissertations In Progress

H-Midwest maintains this list as a way for any humanities graduate student to share info about any Midwest-focused theses and dissertations. We are interested in compiling a list of graduate research focused on the Midwest region as a whole, comparative studies, and research concentrating on Midwestern sub-regions (Great Lakes, Great Plains, et al), states, cities, or localities.  We also welcome information about non-thesis applied projects in digital humanities, museum studies, etc.  This list will help researchers of the Midwest stay informed about what scholarship is being developed.  Naturally, we would encourage any dialogue about emerging Midwest scholarship to take place here at H-Midwest. 

There are two ways you can have your research added to the list.  One way is to completely fill out your H-Net profie including the part about dissertations and theses.  The other option is to send us an email at editorial-midwest@mail.h-net.msu.edu.

If you send an email, please format the info as follows:

  • Last name, First name
  • Project title
  • Type (e.g. M.A. thesis, Ph.D. dissertation, et al.)
  • University Affiliation, and Department
  • Advisor
  • Anticipated completion date

Current Dissertations and Theses In Progress

Biggs, Hannah M.
“Regional Agrarian Modernisms: Farming Fiction and Rural Modernity in 20th Century British and American Prose.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
Rice University, Department of English
Advisor/Committee: Judith Roof, Cary Wolfe, Randal L. Hall.  Completion date: May 2018
Boyle, Rachel
“She Shot Him Dead: Criminalized Women and the Struggle over Social Order in Chicago, 1870-1919.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
Loyola University Chicago, Department of History
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Gilfoyle.  Completion date: May 2017
Brown, Willa 
“Gentlemen of the Woods.”: Manhood, Myth and the American Lumberjack, 1860-1920.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
University of Virginia, Department of History
Advisor: Elizabeth Varon.  Completion date: Fall 2016.
Caldemeyer, Dana M.
“Run of the Mine: Miners, Farmers, and the Non-Union Spirit of the Gilded Age, 1886-1896.”
Ph.D. Dissertation/ book
University of Kentucky, History Department
Advisor: Tracy Campbell (with Ron Formisano). Defended: April 2016
Fisher, Bobbi
"Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty: The Influence of the GAR in Small-Town America"
M.A. Thesis
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, History Department
Advisor: John Kaufman-McKivigan. Completion date: Fall 2016
Germano, Nancy M.
"The Urban Midwest's 'Dangerous Friends': Flooding Rivers, a National Insurance Program, and the Environmental Movement
Ph.D. Dissertation
Indiana University, History Department
Advisor: Eric Sandweiss. Completion date: May 2017
Howe, Maria
“Managing the Missouri: Twentieth Century Federal Water Projects, the Landscape and the Law.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
Iowa State University, History Department
Advisor: Dr. Pamela Riney-Kehrberg & Dr. Julie Courtwright.  Completion date: Spring 2017
Margis, Matthew J
“America's Progressive Army: How the National Guard Grew Out of Progressive Era Reforms.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
Iowa State University, History Department
Advisor: Timothy S. Wolters. Completion date: 9 June 2016
Miller, Mark S. Parker
“Claiming and Denying Sophistication: Grant Wood’s Art and Responses to It, 1930-1942.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
University of Delaware, Art History
Advisor: Ann Gibson.  Completion date: May 2018
Otto, Joseph
“Plumbing the Prairies: Water Management in the Agricultural Midwest.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
University of Oklahoma, Department of History
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Brosnan.  Completion date: Spring 2017 
Peacock, Kent
Sexual Struggles in the New Nation: Defining and Ordering Sex in the Law and Lives of Americans in the First American West”
Ph.D. Dissertation 
Florida State University, History Department 
Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Sinke.  Completion date: May 2017
Rost, Sean
“A Call to Citizenship: Anti-Klan Activism in Missouri, 1921-1928.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
University of Missouri, Department of History
Advisor: Dr. Catherine Rymph.  Completion date: Summer 2017
Sanko, Marc
“Britishers in Two Worlds: Maltese Immigrants in Detroit and Toronto, 1919-1970.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
West Virginia University, History Department
Advisor: Dr. Ken Fones-Wolf.  Completion date: Spring 2017
Seal, Andrew
“The Almost-Century of the Common Man: Democracy and Progress in Thought and Politics, 1880-1944.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
Yale University, American Studies
Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew.  Completion date: August 2016
Skaggs, Michael
“Reform in the Queen City: Religion and Race in Cincinnati, 1954-1971.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
University of Notre Dame, Department of History
Advisor: Kathleen Sprows Cummings.  Completion date: December 2016
Sweet, Jameson
“The 'Mixed-Blood' Moment: Race, Law, and Dakota Indians of Mixed Ancestry in the Nineteenth Century Midwest.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
University of Minnesota, Department: History
Advisors: Jean M. O'Brien and David A. Chang.  Completion date: May 2017
Tchakirides, William I.
“Black Cops, Cream City: African American Police Officers in Milwaukee.”
Ph.D. Dissertation
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, History Department
Advisor: Dr. Robert S. Smith.  Completion date: Winter 2017