Midwest and The Heart of Darkness

In case you're reading H-Midwest but you're not, for some reason, following us on Twitter, you are missing a great conversation on how the Midwest is studied and representated.  It begins with a new book that seems to treat the Midwest as America's Heart of Darkness and ends (currently) with a video preview of a soon to be released documentary about the Midwest. The documentary seems to take a more enlightened view.

Midwest Archaeological Perspectives book series and dissertation prize are launched

NOTRE DAME, IN, November 8, 2017 -- The American Midcontinent, stretching from the Appalachians to the Great Plains, and from the Boreal Forests to the Gulf of Mexico, is home to a rich and deep multiethnic past that continues to fascinate scholars and the public even after 150 years of exploration.  Beginning with colonization by the first Native American big game hunters, through the origins of domestic food production and construction of the largest earthen monuments in North America, and ultimately the entry of multiple colonial empires and their varying interactions with native populat


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