H-Midwest Seeks Book Review Editors

Patrick Cox, H-NET President-Elect and Editor's picture

We hope readers have been enjoying H-Midwest's small but growing collection of academic book reviews. In order to keep the collectiong growing, we are seeking a few more Book Review Editors to join us.

With over 1600 subscriptions, H-Midwest is likely the largest single gathering space for scholars of Midwestern Studies. As we all know, this is an exciting time for Midwestern Studies with exciting and field (re)defining new scholarship coming out, but there are relatively few established venues for academic reviews in the field. Becoming a review editor for H-Midwest can help boost the field and your own own area and expertise within Midwestern Studies. As a part of H-Net, the infrastructure for doing so is already in place. In fact, H-Net is already receiving books that do not get picked up for review on H-Net networks without Book Review Editors to handle them.

Reviews published on H-Net receive wide exposure, and the flexible word limits and potential quick turnaround give H-Net considerable advantages over print publishers. Currently H-Net Reviews is the largest online archive of professional scholarly reviews, with nearly 40,000 published reviews since 1993. Published under a Creative Commons license, H-Net Reviews are freely available to all, on the H-Net Commons and as downloadable pdfs. 

All H-Net Reviews are written by arms-length reviewers with relevant expertise, commissioned by a review editor. All H-Net reviews receive professional copyediting prior to publication to ensure that they adhere to H-Net’s reviews guidelines. H-Net handles all the book ordering and mailing, freeing up the review editors to focus on approaching potential reviewers and commissioning, editing and publishing the reviews.

Review editors are trained to use an online reviews management system and serve for two-year renewable terms. All editors must be certified by the H-Net Council. We welcome expressions of interest from any qualified scholar. If you are interested in volunteering or just want to know more, please write us at editorial-midwest@mail.h-net.msu.edu.