Summer 2017 issue of The Annals of Iowa now available

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The Summer 2017 issue of The Annals of Iowa is now available. 

In one feature article, Jeff Bremer, associate professor of history at Iowa State Uni­ver­sity, describes how settlers in early Iowa—far from being the self-sufficient farmers of frontier myth—participated in the expanding market system of the United States from the very beginning of the settlement process. 

Michael J. Pfeifer, professor of history at John Jay College of Crim­inal Justice and the CUNY Graduate Center, traces the history of Iowa City’s transnational, multiethnic Catholic cultures from their origins in a single uneasily integrated parish to its fracturing into distinct ethnic parishes. In the twentieth century, pressures of assimilation, he argues, undermined ethnic identities, eventually rendering ethnic Catholicism a quaint memory.

In a review essay, James C. Larew reviews a book about gubernatorial stability in Iowa, and the author, Christopher W. Larimer, responds.

The usual set of book reviews and notices includes reviews of books about Great Plains Indians, rock art of the upper Midwest, the War of 1812 in Wisconsin, Stephen Kearny's Dragoons, American utopianism, African Americans on the Overland Trails, guerrilla warfare in Civil War Missouri, Iowa in the Civil War, Jews in Wisconsin, predator control in the West, the rise of the Farm and Home Bureaus in the Midwest, 4-H and sexuality, Herbert Hoover, presidential libraries, postwar suburban church architecture, MacKinlay Kantor, Edward Abbey, and Wallace Stegner.

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