Spring 2017 Annals of Iowa now available

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The Spring 2017 issue of The Annals of Iowa is now available.

In one feature article, ANDERS BO RASMUSSEN, assistant professor of American Studies at the University of Southern Denmark, investigates the actions of Civil War quarter­master Ferdinand Winslow. Using circumstantial evidence from a military “court of inquiry,” supplemented by evidence from Winslow’s career before and after the Civil War, Rasmussen concludes that despite Winslow’s commanding officer’s policies and his own antislavery prin­ciples, he appears to have profited from his position at the expense of the African Americans under the Union army’s care and perhaps at the risk of soldiers’ lives. 

In another feature article, EDWARD A. GOEDEKEN, Collections Coordinator and Professor of Library and Information Science at the Iowa State University Li­brary, re­counts the efforts of Benjamin Gue, Peter Melendy, and Adonijah Welch after the Civil War to shape the Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm into a functioning educational institution. Since Iowa was the first state to agree to the con­di­tions of the Morrill Land-Grant Act in 1862, it is appro­pri­ate that Goedeken sets his story in the context of debates at that time over what a land-grant college should be.

In a review essay, REBECCA CONARD reviews two books about changes in an Iowa woodland and a midwestern marsh.

The usual set of book reviews includes reviews of books about Native American mounds and earthworks, northern Indian removal, Hendrik Scholte, middle-class life in the Midwest in the Civil War era, Grenville Mellen Dodge, the Union siege of Vicksburg, Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation, Abraham Lincoln and the Thirteenth Amendment, Lincoln's generals' wives, Missouri legal history, child placement in the rural Midwest, agrarian intellectuals and the New Deal, the Amana Colonies,working-class masculinities in Detroit, pesticides, immigration and ethnicity, Latinos in the Midwest, and the small-town Midwest.

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