History of Photography in Iowa

Please join us in the Senate Chamber at Old Capitol at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 15, 2018, to hear a lecture on the History of Photography in Iowa, showcasing many images from the collections of the State Historical Society of Iowa.

Old Capitol Museum, in conjunction with the Department of History and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, will host a lecture by CLAS Alumni Fellow Mary Bennett (BA '76, MA ’85, History), Special Collections Coordinator at the State Historical Society of Iowa—Iowa City.

Spring 2018 Issue of Ohio History Available

TOC, Ohio History, Spring, 2018

"By Compass, Chain, and Level: Early Efforts at Surveying and Mapping the Mounds,"  by Terry A. Barnhart

"From Social Grace to Social Power: Gender Norms in Leadership and Rhetorical Performance at Western College for Women," by Renea Frey and Jacqueline Johnson

"City, Legacy, and Reform: The Beginnings of the Toledo Humane Society," by Arjun Sabharwal

"Migrant Culture Maintenance: The Welsh Experience in Martin's Ferry, Belmont County, Ohio, 1900-1940." by Robert Llewellyn Tyler

CFP: MidAmerica 2018

Call for Submissions for MidAmerica 2018

MidAmerica, a peer-reviewed journal of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, is published annually. We welcome submissions of scholarly essays from our members on any aspect of Midwestern literature and culture. Except for winners of our annual poetry and prose contests, we do not publish poems or fiction.

Winter 2018 Issue of The Annals of Iowa Now Available

The Winter 2018 issue of The Annals of Iowa is now available. 

In one feature article, PAUL EMORY PUTZ, a doctoral candidate in history at Baylor Uni­versity, shows how, from 1908 to 1916, evangelical Protestant religious leaders in Des Moines organized and engaged in local elections under the Des Moines Plan’s commission form of government because they believed that they were uniquely equipped to provide the moral impulse for an otherwise materialistic city-boosting movement.


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