Summer 2016 Annals of Iowa Now Available

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The Summer 2016 issue of the Annals of Iowa is now available.

In one feature article, PATRICK J. JUNG, professor of history and anthro­pology at the Mil­waukee School of Engineering, relates the history of Fort Madison before and during the War of 1812. He assesses the decisions made by federal officials and military officers about the post’s purpose and location, ex­amines military readiness and morale at the fort, and explores the cultural forces that led Indian tribes in the vicinity to repeatedly attack the fort. All of these factors help explain why Fort Madi­son was generally ineffective as a military fortification during the War of 1812.

In the other feature article, BILL R. DOUGLAS, an independent historian, recounts the efforts of  the Des Moines Brotherhood Trio—Jewish rabbi Eugene Mannheimer, Protestant minister Stoddard Lane, and Catholic priest Robert Walsh—as they barnstormed the state of Iowa in the late 1930s and early 1940s to promote religious tolerance and mutual respect. He also sets their efforts in the context of earlier efforts in Iowa to promote pluralism, tolerance, ecumenism, and interfaith cooperation.

The usual complement of book reviews includes reviews of books about Indians in the Great Lakes region in the 17th–19th century, Illinois during the War of 1812, pioneer life on a Wisconsin farm, Abraham Lincoln as “national joker,” the Iowa State University campus, “the 500-year story of how our houses became our homes,” sand bottle artist Andrew Clemens, Skunk Hill (a Native ceremonial community in Wisconsin), the diary of a World War I soldier from Iowa, organic farming (and gardening, shopping, and eating), and Governor Terry Branstad.

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