Wisconsin National Digital Newspaper Program Update

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NDNP is moving forward! We’ve finalized a contract with Digital Divide Data (DDD) to complete the digitization and metadata work for our titles this grant cycle. DDD practices a model they’ve coined “Impact Sourcing”. What this means is DDD partners with Creekside Digital in Glen Arm, Maryland to complete scanning and OCR of the microfilm, but metadata work is completed in DDD facilities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our microfilm will never leave the US. Here’s a bit about DDD’s Impact Sourcing from their bid:

“DDD’s innovative social model enables talented youth from low-income families to access professional opportunities and earn lasting higher income. This model, established by DDD in 2001, is now called “Impact Sourcing” and has been implemented by dozens of firms around the world.

Since 2001, DDD’s program has increased lifetime earnings for youth in Cambodia, Laos, and Kenya by a projected total of more than US$250,000,000. DDD’s social model is unique in that youth have the opportunity to complete higher education while they gain work experience.

DDD has been recognized worldwide for quality service, innovation, and social impact. Among many awards and recognitions, the Global Sourcing Council presented DDD its 3S Award for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Sourcing. DDD has been consistently on the list the Top 100 NGOs worldwide in The Global Journal and is a recipient of the Google Award for Innovation in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).”

Our sample reel was sent out last week and is being processed now. The next step will be to send the digital files and metadata from the sample reel to Library of Congress for evaluation and approval before beginning monthly batches. In the meantime, every title selected must be collated at the issue level. That means looking at each individual page on the master microfilm and noting any special features, supplements, or irregularities. In July we’ll be hosting Deb Thomas from the Library of Congress to learn more about how we can reach Wisconsinites (and beyond) when our papers begin appearing on Chronicling America.