Michigan HB5232 Has Been Tabled in Committee

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A "win" for preserving Michigan's History - NEWS ON HB5232:

Due to all the letters, calls, committee testimony and attendance, and other efforts to sideline HB5232, which would have gutted the Michigan Historic Preservation Act, the initiative has been stopped for now.  Representative Chatfield, Chairman of the Local Government Committee, confirmed via a letter to constituents that although he worked “exceedingly hard to strike a balance with this legislation, …I have been unable to adequately satisfy many of the concerns of my constituents.” As a result he has decided to “indefinitely suspend consideration of HB 5232 and the conversation of reform to the Michigan Historic Preservation Act."

My "From the Publisher" column in the latest issue of Michigan History magazine focused on this threat.  You can read it at: http://www.hsmichigan.org/publications/michiganhistory/read/ 

Larry Wagenaar
Historical Society of Michigan