CFP for Midwestern History Association Conference in May 2023

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Building on last year’s theme of “Many Midwests: Constructing Place, Recasting Identity,” we welcome papers relating to all aspects of the history of the American Midwest. This year’s theme of “Many Histories, One Midwest?” is intended to encourage submissions that examine and contextualize whether commonalities may be found among the diverse people and places of the Midwest. We strongly encourage the use of visual aids, digital media, and interactive elements to be incorporated into panel presentations, making them as engaging as possible for a hybrid audience.

Proposals for panel and roundtables are encouraged, with a moderator and/or chair, should be a maximum of 1,000 words.

Individual paper proposals are also welcome and should be a maximum of 300 words.

All proposals must be accompanied by short vitas of the participants and contain contact information for every presenter included in the proposal.

In an effort to promote scholarly conversation and collaboration, the MHA and the Hauenstein Center will limit participants to a single panel or event this year. Proposals should include new research or innovative interpretations and should avoid substantially repeating the contents of presentations the scholar has previously made at the Midwestern History Conference.

In addition to welcoming proposals from scholars affiliated with colleges and universities, the MHA encourages proposals from public historians, students, and independent scholars. Successful proposals should demonstrate sound historical methods and professional research.