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Podcast: "The Tunisian People Have Spoken" - Diplomacy and the Arab Spring at 10

Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy is pleased to announce a new mini-series as part of its Diplomatic Immunity podcast

Diplomacy and the Arab Spring at 10 – Origins and Legacies of Revolution

Available wherever you listen to podcasts: 

Re: McDivitt on Spinelli, 'Podcasting: The Audio Media Revolution'

Thank you for the lovely review! It is good to hear that there is strong scholarship out there on the audio media field. Podcasting seems to be a continuously evolving medium that increases in popularity each day. I had read in Facebook’s trends and culture annual report that there was a significant increase in podcasting in Brazil during the pandemic. It seems that podcasting became a popular format for teachers to offer lectures there. With the rapidly changing new technology within audio media, it is nice to understand the histography behind the phenomenon.

Insight into the Telehealth Landscape: Bogdan-Lovis and Pletcher - Episode 24


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In this episode, Libby Bogdan-Lovis is joined by Dr. Sarah Pletcher. Dr. Pletcher shares her telehealth expertise in a conversation that explores the benefits of telehealth for patients and providers, the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on telehealth adoption, reimbursement models, the future of telehealth, and more.

New episode: Worthy of Notice

We have a new episode of Consolation Prize, a podcast about the history of the United States in the world through the eyes of its consuls. In today’s episode, we take a look at some people connected to the consular service who are worthy of notice: the women. We’re telling the story of three women, whose stories range from the very conventional to the very unconventional (at least by the standards of the time). Each of these women contributed something significant to the history of the U.S. consular service, and each deserves to have her story told.

Oral History Summer School: 2 Workshops Now Open for Registration

Oral History Summer School is in session! Registration is now open for two workshops this Spring and Summer. Both workshops are open to all and no experience is necessary. Come all ye documentarians, journalists, artists, media-makers, educators and those looking to learn new things in good company.

 Oral History Online Weekend Mini-Intensive 

April 10 - 11

Instructor: Suzanne Snider 

Supporting Michigan’s Agricultural Community: Karbowski, Kelly-Blake, and Millerick-May - Episode 23


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This episode focuses on work being done in Michigan to support the well-being of farmers, agribusiness professionals, and the broader statewide agricultural community. Dr.

Eric Marcus, Sara Burningham, Nahanni Rous et al.
Averill Earls

Earls on Marcus and Burningham and Rous et al., 'Making Gay History: The Podcast'

Eric Marcus, Sara Burningham, Nahanni Rous et al. Making Gay History: The Podcast. New York: GLSEN, 2020. .

Reviewed by Averill Earls (Mercyhurst University) Published on H-Podcast (March, 2021) Commissioned by Robert Cassanello (he/him/his) (University of Central Florida)

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