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Andrew Beck Grace, Chip Brantley
Ian Glazman-Schillinger

Glazman-Schillinger on Beck Grace and Chip Brantley, 'White Lies'

Andrew Beck Grace, Chip Brantley. White Lies. National Public Radio, 2019. True Crime and Civil Rights Podcast.

Reviewed by Ian Glazman-Schillinger (Syracuse University) Published on H-Podcast (February, 2022) Commissioned by Robert Cassanello (he/him/his) (University of Central Florida)

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Upcoming Workshop: Project Design for Oral Historians, Documentarians, Artists, and More (Online, March 8)

Attention all ye documentarians, journalists, organizers, artists, media-makers, care workers, educators, interdisciplinarians, and those looking to learn new things in good company: 

Oral History Summer School is back in session this Winter with 2 online oral history workshops: a 1-day Project Design workshop and a 2-day Oral History Mini-Intensive. These workshops can be taken together (back-to-back), or separately. 

"Navigating Pregnancy: A Century of Prenatal Care"

Season 3, episode 2 of the University of Michigan History Department podcast is out now!

Why do we have the prenatal visit schedule that we have today? Where did it come from? What was the evidence for the recommended schedule of prenatal visits, and why hasn’t the schedule changed in nearly 100 years, despite medical advances? How can doctors amend that schedule to both increase equitable access to healthcare and keep parents and babies safe? 

"Podcasting Africa" on YouTube

List members might be interested in watching "Podcasting Africa: Pedagogy, Research and Praxis" on YouTube:

The presenters are Reginold Royston (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Peter Alegi (Michigan State University), Msia Kibona Clark (Howard University), Kim Yi Dionne (University of California, Riverside). Q&A follows the presentations. This roundtable was originally part of the 2021 African Studies Association Annual Meeting.


Final Spaces: “Talking White”: An anti-oppression view towards transcribing Black narrators

Join Oral History Summer School and guest instructor Alissa Rae Funderburk for "Talking White." This workshop is for anyone working in audio, transcription, or thinking about preserving their narrator's voices. More info and registration below: 

“Talking White”: An anti-oppression view towards transcribing Black narrators


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