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Presentation: Podcasting for Academics

Podcasting for Academics

A presentation presented January 25, 2017 at the Michigan State University Library Digital Humanities Series.

The presentation offered an introduction to podcasting for academics, which can be useful for research, outreach, or pedagogy. Included technical best practices for recording and working with audio files, starting a podcast, and some ideas for what academics can contribute to developing podcasting as a medium.

Music for podcasts (resources and a survey)

Hi folks, 

Lee Rosevere, an artist from British Columbia, has been making music for use in podcasts and uploading them to Bandcamp and the Free Music Archive. He also has a survey out to see what kinds of things podcasters are looking for in music before he gets to work on the next album. Check him out and let him know what you think.


Re: Presentation: Podcasting for Academics


Great information. I am in my second semester of experimenting with academic podcasts as teaching tools. Many of the ready-made content for textbooks include an "author's corner" which are short video clips of the distinguished scholars who either developed, or collaborated in, the development of a textbook. While the content in the video is tied to key points and learning outcomes for a specific chapter, I have issues with only one historian discussing (for example) the annexation of the Philippines.

NEW WORKSHOPS: Oral History Winter School will offer two focused workshops in January 2017 in Upstate New York


I thought this might be of interest to podcasting folks and to fans of podcast/audio doc:

Oral History Winter School will offer two winter workshops in Upstate New York (Hudson), in January 2017.

I Am Sitting in a Room, Part I: Oral History and Writing (January 11-15, 2017)

SKYPE Recording

Greetings all, I have a questions for people who record on SKYPE. I have found that with some recent updates to SKYPE my 3rd party recording software no longer works. I use two Pamela for SKYPE and SKYPE Call Recorder. Pamela had a recent update and with it a loud sound is heard throughout the recording, it is like a beep. And with SKYPE Call Recorder 1 out of every 5 times roughly the recording does not capture the other voice, sometimes it is mine other times the interviewer.

Re: Academic Podcasting - New Research Project: Call for Inputs

Thanks Yelena and Robert!

Glad you're also excited. You raise important questions, not all of which we've thought about, or at least not in exactly the same way. Many thanks for this! If there's anyone else out there with thoughts then please feel free to chip in (a few people wrote off list saying they're going to reply at some point).

We'll be sure to keep you all informed about the project as we move forward with it. We're also starting a pilot course for scholars who want to podcast, and hope that the two elements will inform each other.

Thanks again,