Quran for All Seasons, Season 2

The only academic podcast devoted to the Quran, Quran for All Seasons, is a podcast in contemporary Quranic Studies dedicated to holistic engagement with the Quran through scholarly and spiritual reflections upon the text, drawing upon the depth and breadth of the Islamic tradition to facilitate discussions of the Quran that transcend creedal and ideological divisions.

Working Historians Season 2 Trailer

Rob Denning and Jimmy Fennessy host Working Historians, a podcast series where we interview history professionals about their academic and professional backgrounds, their historical research, and, generally, what they do all day. Season 1 lasted for four years, and then Rob put the show on haitus, but we're coming back for Season 2, which will be bigger and better than ever. In the trailer for Season 2, Rob and Jimmy share what they hope to do in upcoming episodes. New full episodes will resume in May or June.

Podcast: "The Tunisian People Have Spoken" - Diplomacy and the Arab Spring at 10

Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy is pleased to announce a new mini-series as part of its Diplomatic Immunity podcast

Diplomacy and the Arab Spring at 10 – Origins and Legacies of Revolution

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