Thank you, From H-Net

Dear H-Net Readers:

As our fall appeal comes to a close, all of us at H-Net wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the many readers who have contributed during the past few weeks.  Your gifts go directly to our program services, helping us to staff our help desk, make improvements to our web resources, and develop new features that leverage the tremendous talent pool of our hundreds of volunteer editors.

Announcing the new Resources tab

Greetings H-Net subscribers!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Resources tab, which is now located at the top of all of our Networks. Prior to the release, there was a Media tab that chronologically aggregated all of the contributions uploaded to a particular Network. While the Media tab clearly had some basic archival value, with the development of many diverse projects making use of this material on our Networks, editors asked for a better way to organize that content. The Resources tab is the fruit of those aims.

Introductions -- Restless Device Podcast

Hi All!

To continue the round of introductions, I thought I'd say 'hello.' My name's Dave Unger, and I have a history and philosophy of technology podcast called Restless Device. You can find it at RestlessDevice.com, or by searching on iTunes or with any podcatcher.

A little bit about me: My PhD is from Harvard in the history of science, and I work in museums and public history. These days I'm at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle.


Hello there!

First, I would like to say thank you for creating this network. It is very timely, and we hope to help grow the community.

So you want to start a podcast...

Hello! My name is Yelena Kalinsky, and I edit this network along with Robert Cassanello. I am also an art historian with an interest in Soviet conceptual and performance art. I oversee H-Net Reviews as its Managing Editor, and as Associate Director for Research & Publications, I support H-Net's mission to "develop the enormous educational potential of the Internet." 

Support Your Local Editor...

Dear H-Net subscribers and readers,

H-Net is uniquely poised in the online academic world in a way that other sites and outlets simply can't match. It isn't just H-Net's new publishing platform that makes that the case. In the past two years 280 new editors have joined H-Net. That's 280 scholars, researchers,
and teachers who have seen the potential of the H-Net Commons, gotten involved to help develop it, and are providing service to their fields by building resources and developing meaningful content with and for their peers.

H-Podcast What is it?

Greetings all,

This is Robert Cassanello. I am the VP of Publications for H-Net and I, along with Yelena Kalinsky have started this new network H-Podcast.

Many people have asked me what this network is, and I would like to say "I have no idea" because I want this network to evolve organically through subscriber interest.

I for one both use podcasts in my classroom teaching and produce podcasts for universal distribution. I know most of you have subscribed to this network because you have one or both interests in podcasting.

Looking Toward H-Net's Future

Dear H-Net Readers and Subscribers:

Over ten years ago, the H-Net Council passed a Strategic Plan for H-Net that envisioned what became the Commons.  H-Net would “implement an enterprise-wide content management system that encourages information sharing in a protected networked environment monitored by field experts” and “Plan for migration of content delivery technologies to web-based formats for editing, publication, and service.”


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