Scholarly work on podcasting

I'm not sure how many subscribers on here study podcasting, but I recently came across a special issue of the Journal of Radio & Audio Media (22, no. 2, 2015) containing the symposium "Podcasting: A Decade in the Life of a 'New' Audio Medium," available online here. Lots of good subjects for discussion on there, including a piece about history podcasts.

In The Past Lane podcast - Episode 010 Harriet Tubman on the New $20 & More

This week at the In The Past Lane history podcast, we take up some timely questions: Who was Harriet Tubman and why did the U.S. Treasury Dept. choose her as the first woman to appear on the $20 bill? And why has President Andrew Jackson been demoted to the backside of the bill? Along the way, we’ll speak with the historian who literally wrote the book on Harriet Tubman, historian Catherine Clinton. We’ll also check in with historian Stephanie Yuhl in our History Skinny segment where we discuss history that’s made headlines. 


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