New Books in American Studies- New Episode Paula S. Fass

Are children invisible in history? A conversation with Paula S. Fass, historian of childhood, on her new book The End of American Childhood: A History of Parenting from Life on the Frontier to the Managed Child (Princeton Univerisity Press, 2016)


15 Minute History on new public history site about the University of Texas Tower Shooting

We just published a bit of a hybrid episode at 15 Minute History, a roundtable with a group of undergraduate and graduate students who developed material for a new public history website about the University of Texas tower shooting that took place on August 1, 1966. In addition to the historical background of the shooting and response, there's also a bit of "how we did it" from the students about undertaking research on a topic that has been somewhat taboo in Austin and on the University of Texas campus. 

Re: History Podcast

Thank you for writing about my site. I am aiming toward having a directory of all history podcasts and then working to promote individual shows. I have already found a list of podcasts to add through H-Net. If you are a podcaster, please check to see I have your show on my site and contact me if I do not.

One of the future enhancements I am working that might be of interest is designating shows that are produced by academics working in relevant fields, and to display the education level of producers/hosts.


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