The Global Campus of Human Rights launches the podcast “To The Righthouse”

Modern human rights are born out of dark times, struggles, waves. They are a beacon of encouragement to the world. To the Righthouse takes you to a place where we discuss human rights, moving from scepticism to hope, from utopia to empathy, riding (sound) waves but also signalling where the light is.

Upcoming Workshop: Project Design for Oral Historians, Documentarians, Artists, and More (Online, March 8)

Attention all ye documentarians, journalists, organizers, artists, media-makers, care workers, educators, interdisciplinarians, and those looking to learn new things in good company: 

Oral History Summer School is back in session this Winter with 2 online oral history workshops: a 1-day Project Design workshop and a 2-day Oral History Mini-Intensive. These workshops can be taken together (back-to-back), or separately. 


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