Journal of American History: Podcast State of the Field

Greetings all, I want to alert everyone that the Journal of American History published a state of the field piece at the link below. It is not a long piece, however it mostly concentrates on the most popular podcasts, there is some attempt to categorize them. I would like to see one of these academic pieces not centralize popularity in their analysis of podcasts and their worth to academic dialog. The point of podcasts at the beginning was that it was a media format anyone had access to (dare I say democratized?) and now it apes radio, only the number of subscribers matter.

Death of the iPod

Did anyone check out this article in the Guardian last week? "Farewell to the iPod, the device that ushered in too much choice," by Rebecca Nicholson

It is a brief article, but it mourns the passing of the iPod and its relationship to music and music habits. There is a melancholy to the tone in that the iPod and the decline of the music industry might be linked. 

Yelena Kalinsky Departure

It is sad news in that I am to report that Yelena Kalinsky will be leaving H-Net and H-Podcast in the coming weeks. Yelena and I started H-Podcast years ago in an attempt the elevate the academic dialog of podcasts and podcasting when there seemed to be no one in the academy embracing that important conversation. Yelena and I imagined that digital space at H-Net which included a Podcast Reviews Program which we have been able to realize.

American Historical Review-Reviewing Podcasts

Greetings all, I noticed that the American Historical Review is now reviewing podcasts. This has been in the works for years. I had reached out to them years ago about this and they told me they were internally planning for this and now it looks like that time has come. You can check the page out here

Call of Editors-H-Podcast

Call for Editors

H-Podcast is currently recruiting a few new editors to add to its existing editorial team. We welcome folks who have a scholarly, pedagogical, or applied interest in podcast and podcasting to join our editorial team.

We are looking for editors interested in:

Recent Research on Female Podcasters: Egyptian Female Podcasters: Shaping Feminist Idenities

Hello H-Podcasters ... this research article, Egyptian Female Podcasters: Shaping Feminist Idenities, was pubished in a special issue of Learning, Media and Technology on #FemEdTech.

You will find the green open access version on ResearchGate.


Overdue Conversations - A Columbia Libraries Podcast

Overdue Conversations is a podcast about the ways archives inform our discussions around history, literature, and politics. From digital publishing to reparative justice, climate change to public health, this series of overdue conversations takes archival documents out of the stacks and into the public forum to consider how collecting practices, selective reading, and erasure of past knowledge informs and distorts contemporary debates. 


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