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Hello! My name is Yelena Kalinsky, and I edit this network along with Robert Cassanello. I am also an art historian with an interest in Soviet conceptual and performance art. I oversee H-Net Reviews as its Managing Editor, and as Associate Director for Research & Publications, I support H-Net's mission to "develop the enormous educational potential of the Internet." 

We started this network, because both Robert and I thought that while podcasts were growing in the world of entertainment (and info-tainment), there was no good place for people interested in podcasts and podcasting to go to talk shop in a serious way. Additionally, given H-Net's scholarly focus, I wanted a place to discuss podcasting in the academy. I can think of many ways that podcasts are already being used by scholars: as a tool in the classroom, an assignment, as a way to publicize new research, a way to capture and distribute conference presentations, as a way to help a department, institute, archive, or initiative to reach a wider audience... there are surely many more. 

Another thing I wanted this network to be is a place to find and share information about the actual art and craft of podcasting. There are many resources online about tools and techniques, and I am sure that there are subscribers to this network who have valuable experience and expertise to share. As I come upon such materials, I will be sharing them in the Resources & Tips section. Additionally, any discussion posted on H-Podcast that contains this kind of information will be sorted into the Resources & Tips section by the editors. In time, I hope we can compile a nice archive of resources that can be used by teachers who want to send their students on a podcasting assignment, or anyone who wants to try their hand at it.

Over the past year, Robert and I have been producing a podcast out of the reviews office, called The Art of the Review. Aside from a single episode of New Books in Art that I recorded, this was a first for me. (I'll let Robert speak about his own award-winning podcast himself.) I have learned a lot about recording and editing, a bit about interviewing, some things about planning and narrative structure, but most of all, I've been emboldened to try to get better.

I want to invite anyone here who is interested in creating podcasts, using them in their classroom, discussing the history or aesthetics of podcasts, getting feedback from colleagues, finding collaborators, or just sharing their favorite academic (or non-academic) podcasts to feel free to introduce yourself and start a discussion. If you are new to H-Net, the ground rules are simple: Anyone can read anything published on the Commons. In order to post, you have to subscribe to the network (click Subscribe to this network in the right sidebar), and then click the orange Start a Discussion button at the top of the network's front page. All content on H-Net is moderated by the network's editors, so posting does not happen instantaneously. This ensures that each network preserves a moderate tone, lack of spam, and topicality. I hope that subscribers will feel welcome and that we can build a community of like-minded (or at least curious) podcast enthusiasts.

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