H-Podcast What is it?

Robert Cassanello (he/him/his)'s picture

Greetings all,

This is Robert Cassanello. I am the VP of Publications for H-Net and I, along with Yelena Kalinsky have started this new network H-Podcast.

Many people have asked me what this network is, and I would like to say "I have no idea" because I want this network to evolve organically through subscriber interest.

I for one both use podcasts in my classroom teaching and produce podcasts for universal distribution. I know most of you have subscribed to this network because you have one or both interests in podcasting.

Yelena and I have been going back and forth as to what we want H-Podcast to accomplish. I for one want a place, in this case a digital space, where podcasters can meet up and discuss issues related to podcasting, whether teaching, producing, etc., in an attempt to bring a professional discussion of podcasting as an art form and/or a broadcasting medium on its own.

Yelena and I are producing an H-Net podcast called "The Art of the Review." This will be a year-long endeavor to bring attention to H-Net and to H-Podcast. Based on your subscriptions, I know that many of you also produce podcasts or hope to do so soon. H-Podcast can be a place to feature them. Over time, I would like us to use this space to think about what it means to podcast and more importantly what contributions podcasts and podcasting make to your research and teaching life and to the media landscape more generally.

Again I want to thank everyone for joining and please help us get this much needed conversation going.