New episode of Preserves: A Manitoba Food History Podcast now available

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A new episodes of Preserves: A Manitoba Food History Podcast is now available for streaming and download.


Ep 10 – Diversity in Adversity

The new episode of Preserves features Diversity Food Services. As a social enterprise, Diversity is an anomaly among the food service landscape. As Diversity Chef Darwin Gaspar and Chief Operating Officer Ian Vickers can attest to, running a social enterprise can be a challenging but rewarding experience. However, the on-going uncertainty and economic difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Diversity and other food service providers to pivot to other service models or risk closing.

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Preserves: A Manitoba Food History Podcast explores the rich history of Manitoba food and the people who make it, sell it, and eat it. Preserves considers the cultural, social, and commercial aspects of Manitoba food and what it means to us. The podcast is produced by the The Manitoba Food History Project research team and hosted by Kent Davies (Oral History Centre) and food and business historian, Janis Thiessen (University of Winnipeg).