A New episode of Preserves: A Manitoba Food History Podcast is now available

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A New episode of Preserves: A Manitoba Food History Podcast is now available


Episode 9 – Trapping Liquor tackles the history of Manitoba’s restrictive liquor laws.


What role did the Hudson’s Bay Company play in the control of liquor sales? How did Manitobans circumvent restrictions on liquor in the form of bootlegging and moonshining?

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Written and narrated by Kyra Thiele and Kent Davies with research by Jaydi Overwater.


Produced by Kent Davies


Hosted by Kent Davies and Janis Thiessen


Episode Image & Web Formatting: Kimberley Moore


Preserves: A Manitoba Food History Podcast explores the rich history of Manitoba food and the people who make it, sell it, and eat it. Preserves considers the cultural, social, and commercial aspects of Manitoba food and what it means to us. The podcast is produced by the Manitoba Food History Project research team and hosted by Kent Davies (UW Oral History Centre) and food and business historian Janis Thiessen (University of Winnipeg) with assistance from Kimberley Moore (UW Oral History Centre).

The podcast and project have received significant press attention (see https://www.manitobafoodhistory.ca/news/2019/3/26/mfh-in-the-news  and https://news-centre.uwinnipeg.ca/all-posts/manitoba-food-history-project-stretches-from-altona-to-churchill, for example).

We’re continuing to produce new episodes from our extensive interview collection. https://news.uwinnipeg.ca/manitoba-food-history-project-trucking-along-remotely/

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