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Diplomatic Immunity is a podcast from the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University. We bring you "frank and candid" conversations on the issues facing diplomats and national security decision makers globally. We talk to current and former diplomatic officials, scholars, and analysts and seek to understand how best to foster international cooperation in an age of global crises. 

Season 2 launches on Wednesday, January 27. The first episode features an interview with Arsalan Suleman, former Acting U.S. Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation during the Obama administration. We discussed his career in the State Department and as an international lawyer, as well as U.S. policy towards global Muslim communities under a new administration. 

In the new season, we will continue to engage diplomats and scholars -- both career officials and others who further the work of diplomacy -- in conversations about the issues ISD cares most about: national security challenges facing the new administration, global commons issues like global health and information operations, diversity in the Foreign Service, and learning lessons from diplomatic history.

Produced by ISD editor Alistair Somerville and director of programs and research Dr. Kelly McFarland, episodes are released every two weeks on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, LibSyn, YouTube, and Google Podcasts.

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