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H-Podcast subscribers may be interested in this post by our own review editor Robert Cassanello about his experience of producing an academic podcast and trying to get it reviewed by traditional print journals in his discipline of history. This network, its podcast reviews program, and the podcast reviewing guidelines are the felicitous results of these experiences, as I understand.

I would be curious to know whether members of this group have had experiences with podcast reviewing and what reception producers on here have had in academic spaces. Have you had interest in your podcasts from your disciplines, or conversely trouble getting reviews?

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Thank you, Janis Thiessen, for pointing out the WLU Press collaboration with the Secret Feminist Agenda podcast. As it happens, we had planned to have Siobhan McMenemy, the editor working on that grant-funded collaboration, write about it for the Book Channel this week. You can find her Feeding the Elephant post here:

It's an interesting glimpse into one press's efforts to put the peer review process to work on expanding what "counts" as scholarship. Of course, there are many other experiences out there.

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