H-Podcast Reviews Program Launch

Robert Cassanello (he/him/his)'s picture

Greetings all,

I am pleased to announce the launch of the H-Podcast Reviews Program. We will be reviewing both books and podcast series for H-Podcast.

I would like to launch our review series with books first and then in January launch the reviewing of podcasts.

I currently have several books reserved about podcasting, radio interviews and sound design that I think relate some way to podcasting or teaching podcasting in the classroom.

Some of these books are older and go as far back as 2008, but I think we should review them not as current academic works but instead how they might be utilized in the classroom or for people producing podcasts for the first time.

I also want us to use the reviews program to rethink the review. With most of these books and especially the podcasts, these are not done in the same way or in the spirit of an academic research monograph. As such I would like to commission pieces that more place these items in their context than place them within some overly critical academic evaluation. Some items may require we review them in a way through academic scrutiny, but I think we should reserve the right to review items in a sprawling examination that notices a podcast as a piece of larger trends or ideas.

Please look at H-Net’s Review Guidelines and H-Net’s Review Standards.

If you are interested in reviewing a book, especially for people who teach podcasting please email me at robert.cassanello@ucf.edu

Tell me what you might be interested in and if you have reviewed for H-Net already. If not, we would have to create a profile for you in the directory. Also note in H-Net's Review Standards I cannot assign a book by request, this is a long standing practice. I would like you to tell me your interest and I will match a book with your interest so please don't request a list of book options to request to review a specific book. 

In January I will send an email out concerning the reviewing of podcast series.