April Episode - Amplified Oklahoma Podcast

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A new episode of Amplified Oklahoma is now available. Known to her friends in California as “the Okie Poet,” Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel wrote more than 50 books of poetry and stories. In honor of National Poetry Month, we’re going to take a look at her life and work. Listeners will hear oral history interview excerpts from Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and John Cooper, who shared stories from Wilma’s life with OSU's Karen Neurohr. Later, Karen talks about her time working on the project “Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel: Poet and Oklahoma Dust Bowl Emigrant.”

Listen on SoundCloudiTunes, and Stitcher. For more: http://www.library.okstate.edu/news/podcast/.

Amplified Oklahoma is a production of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at the Oklahoma State University Library.

Juliana Nykolaiszyn