Call for Participants: Feedback for New Producers

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Hi folks,

A while back, someone on this network pitched the idea of pairing up new and experienced producers to generate feedback on early episodes of a podcast. If anyone is working on a new series or looking to get feedback on their show or if anyone has some experience with podcasting or is even just an avid listener who would be willing to give feedback, please let us know!

To participate, send a note to, and the H-Podcast editors will play matchmakers.

Please include the following information in your message:

For those seeking feedback:

  1. Title of your show
  2. What is your show about?
  3. Who is your imagined audience?
  4. How many episodes have you produced already?
  5. What aspects of your show or of podcast production would you like help or feedback on?

For those willing to give feedback:

  1. What is your experience with podcasts or podcast production?
  2. What kinds of shows do you listen to and enjoy?
  3. What areas of podcast production can you give feedback about?
  4. What is your subject area of expertise (if academic)?