H-Podcast News and Plans for 2017

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Dear H-Podcast Subscribers,

As we start a new year, we, the editors of H-Podcast want to check in with you, the subscribers, and let you know what's been going on at the network and what we have planned for the coming year. We welcome your ideas and feedback for how we can make this space a useful resource for you, the podcast producers, listeners, and scholars who subscribe. H-Net is a non-profit academic organization committed to serving the best interests of the humanities and social sciences. We don't commercialize what you do at the network and we preserve the archive of resources that the network collectively creates. In that spirit, we want to encourage you to get involved to make the space yours.

And now that I've gotten that PSA out of the way, the first piece of news I am happy to share is that a new editor will be joining the H-Podcast teamDoug Priest contributed to The Podcast Footnote blog with a review of Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast, and in his role as an H-Net content developer helped us to organize content on the network. While Doug is professionally moving on from H-Net this month, we are lucky to have him join the H-Podcast editorial board as a network editor. Doug is a historian of Russia and is particularly interested in helping H-Podcast explore how podcasting can bridge the gap between academia and the broader public. He has a project in mind to interview podcasters outside academia who are creating content of academic interest through podcasting. You can also find Doug on Twitter: @10MinuteHistory.

An update on the network: we are 192 subscribers strong, with many of you producing podcasts or having an interest in doing so. The Academic Podcast Roundup is currently our most popular page, followed by a query about recording skype interviews. The Podcast Footnote blog and its reviews of More Perfect (by historian Heather Bennet) and Doug Priest's piece on Revisionist History also get high traffic on the site. Our summer intern Jessica Kukla's episode about academic podcasting continues to draw visitors, as do The Art of the Review and No Sounds Are Forbidden, two podcast series hosted on H-Podcast. Other resources can be found under the Resources tab; these include resources for podcast production, research, and teaching. If you have suggestions to add to the network's Resources pages, please don't hesitate to send them our way to editorial-podcast@mail.h-net.msu.edu or better yet, post them directly to the network.

In the coming year, we would like to expand H-Podcast's impact through our social media feeds on Twitter (@HNetPodcast) and Facebook - please follow and interact with us!

We also have a couple of projects in the works:

  1. The Digital Hustle: Academic Life in the Digital Age is a podcast series and collective that invites both new and experienced podcasters to explore how academic life has been transformed by digital technology. Members of the collective produce individual episodes at their own pace, and the collective of fellow producers provides editorial feedback, ideas, and connections that will help make the episodes better. H-Podcast will help with technical and logical support, and all the members of the collective will share an editorial mission and a single podcast feed--The Digital Hustle--where episodes will come out approximately monthly. We are actively recruiting collaborators, so please let us know if you are interested in getting involved. It's a great way to learn to produce and have some support while doing so.

  2. Peer feedback for podcast producers: in the coming year, we'll be setting up a space for feedback for new podcast producers from more experienced folks. This will take place mostly behind the scenes on a private H-Podcast planning network and will be available to H-Podcast subscribers who are interested in either submitting episodes or reviewing submitted work. Again, please get in touch if you are interested, and look for an announcement on the network soon with additional details.

  3. More conversations with non-academic podcasters: Doug Priest is planning interviews with non-academic podcasters who are producing audio that is of interest to academics or academic audiences. Please let him know if there are podcasters from whom you'd like to hear.

  4. More Academic Footnote reviews, more production and teaching resources, more Academic Podcast Roundup listings, and hopefully more collaborations with other H-Net networks.

This is our ambitious program for the coming year. If you have other ideas or want to get involved, let us know! We wish you all the best in 2017.

Yelena Kalinsky,  H-Podcast editor

and the rest of the H-Podcast editorial board