Announcing the new H-Podcast reviews blog!

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H-Podcast is pleased to announce the re-launch of The Podcast Footnote as a new podcast reviews blog on the H-Podcast network. In the coming months, contributors will be reviewing podcast series and individual podcast episodes and offering their thoughts on broader questions about podcasts and podcasting, such as: What's special about the podcast medium? How is it changing the media and information ecosystems? How do podcasts figure in teaching and learning? How do podcasts make publics or shape public history?

The first installment, by historian Heather Bennett, will look at Radiolab Presents: More Perfect and historical thinking. Stay tuned for her post coming later today!

If you are an H-Podcast subscriber and would like to write a review for The Podcast Footnote, please send a note to the editors at We would love to hear from you.


The Podcast Footnote Team

Heather Bennett
Robert Cassanello
Yelena Kalinsky
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