Johanna Zorn posts a manifesto for podcasting

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Greetings, H-Podcasters!

Johanna Zorn, executive director of the Third Coast International Audio Festival, has dropped the gauntlet on editors of local weeklies, newspapers, magazines, and the entire internet to "recogni[ze] Radio/Podcasting as a true popular art form":

We're calling for a Radio/Podcasting heading in the arts section--including listings of local events--but audio storytelling also demands more. We seek recognition of the Radio/Podcasting genre through thoughtful reviews, criticism, and a deeper examination of styles and trends. Press must move beyond listicles ad infinitum citing the top 10, 20 or 50 podcasts of the week, month, or year. That approach was okay a few years ago--when podcasts were a bit of a mystery--but now it's time to actually consider the impact of audio storytelling.

We couldn't agree more! H-Podcast will soon be launching a podcast reviewing blog by H-Podcast subscribers and editors. If you'd like to be involved in raising the level of conversation about podcasting as a medium and form, go ahead and click the orange Start a Discussion button on the H-Podcast front page, or get in touch with the editors at

Read Zorn's full manifesto on Medium.

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