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Yelena, Heather Bennett and Douglas Priest we in a video conference call earlier and the subject of podcasts about graduate school came up. There are some graduate students working in programs around the country who have produced and are producing podcasts. I am not sure how many are about people's lives in graduate school vs. graduate students producing subject area content, but it made me recall an episode of the Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast I produced in 2010 where we interviewed 3 graduate students to talk about their expeirence in graduate school as opposed to specificially talking about FLA history. 

The link to the episode is here.

I was unaware of these graduate student efforts. Can people reply with links to graduate students producing podcasts on their own?

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We are producing a podcast here at Northeastern University: Breaking History. We're on iTunes if you want to subscribe.
James Robinson

The JuntoCast would fall under that category though we don't focus on the graduate school experience and 1 of our 3 regular panelists is a junior faculty member.

A couple more in-part or all grad student-run podcasts from the Academic Podcast Roundup: 

  • The History Buffs (SUNY-Buffalo)
  • Gradhacker (Michigan State University)
  • 15 Minute History (University of Texas, Austin)
  • History of Japan Podcast (University of Washington)
  • Ottoman History Podcast (Georgetown)
  • Office Hours (University of Minnesota)
  • History of Central Florida Podcast (University of Central Florida)